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Military Family Month dedicates November to military families around the world. The observance recognizes the commitment and dedication these families make to their service members. Their sacrifices make it possible for our military to remain organized and strong.

While their servicemen and women are actively serving, deployed or training, their families provide a vital foundation at home that allows confidence in the field. Spouses and children are often separated from their service members for long periods of time and over great distances. Communication can be patchy and under stressful conditions. And they frequently move, uprooting children and jobs. But, military families are adaptable.

During November, the country honors the military families who make the U.S. Armed Forces strong.

HOW TO OBSERVE #MilitaryFamilyMonth

Thank a veteran, active duty, reserve or national guard service member or family member for their service by giving back. Ask your military families how you can support them. Many will not ask when they need it. In many cases, through deployments or other circumstances, military families will band together. But even then that may not be enough.

  • Adopt a military family for the holidays.

  • Offer to run errands for military spouses who may have their hands full with their children or even their pets.

  • Volunteer or donate services to military organizations.

  • Read upcoming legislation and learn how it impacts our military, veterans, and their families. Then write and call your legislators.

  • Families, participate in events all month long in your honor. Many organizations will be hosting dinners, webinars, educational opportunities, and more.

Use #MilitaryFamilyMonth to post on social media.


The Armed Services YMCA along with the U.S. Government established Military Family Month in 1996 by expanding Military Family Week. Each year, the President declares the month through a signed proclamation.

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