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Together Again
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DVS Family

Disabled Veteran Solutions is proud to employ from the military community and is an employer of choice for transitioning veterans and military spouses. From our at home Advocates to our members at the corporate office, military members play a crucial role at DVS. Through their leadership, these members strengthen our service mindset and pave the way for our continued growth as a company. We're honored to call every veteran a member of the DVS family.

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Heroes at work

Since our founding in 2015, DVS has a longstanding commitment to honor our military and uphold standards of leadership and quality demonstrated by our service members.

​​​​​​​We value the skills our military associates bring to the table, including critical thinking, courageous leadership, and a high level of integrity. When you join DVS, you’re joining a team that celebrates and honors your service. 


Explore our opportunities for active military personnel and veterans. We would love for you to join our ranks. Visit our career page to view our open listings 

Supporting Military Spouses

Like service members, military spouses can face unique challenges during a relocation, and DVS is here to help you find a job that works for your career plans and lifestyle. We've partnered with the Department of Defense's Military Spouse Employment Partnership to provide military spouses with the training, connections and opportunities to build a rewarding career with Disabled Veteran Solutions, wherever you are. 


Let us help you embark on an exciting new career path that aligns with your relocation. Visit our career page to view our open listings 

Ashley Esz

"The team work here at DVS has made me feel at home, especially when the constant changing of schedules for our spouses isn’t easy to adjust to. Flexibility is HUGE with DVS and I wouldn’t want to change the company I work for!"

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