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Meet Bill



I started my career with DVS in December of 2019 where I began as an agent. During that time, I had the opportunity to advance, from an agent to a management trainee where I had the opportunity to begin a new program. When that program started is really where I got my first real taste of training. During my time on that program, I trained all of our new agents for that specific program. I did take a small break from DVS to go back to the hotel industry, eventually making the decision that was not the career path I wanted to take. I was permitted to return to DVS in November of 2020, resuming my career with DVS. Upon my return, I picked up where I left off when I took my temporary break. Since my return, I continued to train new agents, eventually becoming a supervisor, starting another new program with DVS. While working on that program, I made the move from production to training where I became the Trainer for DVS. Since making that move, I have had that opportunity to watch the department evolve by creating training content based off current and new programs and adding several more members to the training team.

Working from home is amazing. When COVID first began, I was one of a handful of people chosen to move from the corporate office, testing our systems to ensure they would be able to function from my living room and make the move to being fully remote for the duration of COVID. Now that the COVID restrictions have been lifted, I have the ability to either work remotely or work in my office at DVS Headquarters. Being able to work at home or in the office is great when the weather in Erie is not so pleasant, especially when we are expected to get 18 inches of snow.

TEAMS is the most effective way to communicate with my team. What I really like about TEAMS is that you can make it fun. Let’s face it, if you can’t have fun at work, why work? So, like to keep it fun by posting different memes, GIFs, pictures, or even funny sayings to make the day go by and hopefully put a smile on a teammate’s face. If there is ever a complicated issue that I feel I need to discuss with a teammate, that is also easy to do with a simple meeting or TEAMS call.

I absolutely find my role at DVS rewarding. There is nothing like providing new team members with the knowledge they need to be successful at the program they are learning. The best part about my job is the “AH-HA” moment each trainee has as they are learning the programs and putting the pieces together. Then, once they have it, they are off and running.

In my personal time, I am pretty much a home body. Recently, I joined a book club. So, when I am not working, I’m usually reading the book of the month. In my family, I am the youngest out of my generation and during COVID, my family did not get to spend much time together. After COVID was lifted, we decided that we missed the connection that we had. Now, my entire, usually about 20 to 30 of us get together monthly, whether it is one of our houses or at a local restaurant.

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