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Father’s Day 2022

For most Fathers, Father’s Day is a celebration where they receive cards, gifts, and showers of admiration and thanks from their loved ones. For Dads serving in the Armed Forces on Father’s Day, the appreciation often travels a great distance to reach them. If you have a Father serving in the Military and he is TDY or deployed over Father’s Day Weekend, you can still share your appreciation and send him a care package to show that though he is far from home, he is not forgotten.

If your Military Dad is home and by your side this Father’s Day, you certainly know how special it is that you can show him your thanks and appreciation in person! Consider taking him out to eat a nice meal. Many restaurants are offering free meals and discounts for Dads.

Father’s Day will be on Sunday, June 19, 2022.

History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first introduced in Spokane, Washington, by Sonora Smart Dodd. Ms. Dodd first proposed the idea of Father’s Day when her pastor gave a passionate speech about Mother’s Day and the importance of mothers.

Ms. Dodd went to her pastor and explained that her father, who was a Civil War Veteran, had raised 6 children as a single parent and that fathers deserved a holiday just as much as mothers did. Father’s Day was proposed by Ms. Dodd to be on the Fifth of June, the birthday of her father; but the pastor had not prepared their sermons in time and thus Father’s Day was postponed until the third Sunday of June.

The holiday did not stick right away and the citizens of Spokane forgot about Father’s Day until Ms. Dodd graduated from college in the 1930’s and began promoting Father’s Day on a national level. She enlisted the help of manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes, and any industry that would benefit the most from the adoption of Father’s Day.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson went to Spokane to speak in a Father’s Day celebration, and wanted to make Father’s Day a national holiday. Congress resisted, and it was not until 1966 that President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers. It was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon actually signed Father’s Day into Law.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Military Fathers

If he’s deployed, a care package from the family back home is always an amazing gift. Dad will be reminded of his family’s appreciation for his role as a father, even though he’s far away. Things you could include in a Father’s Day care package might be his favorite candies, a picture of the family together, a good book, and a few personal care items like new socks and shampoo. Don’t forget to add a hand crafted item to the care package to make it extra special.

Other gift ideas and options for Military Dads include:

Military Discount – While you’re shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift, you can also take advantage of the many Military Discounts that are available year round.

Favorite Stores – Keep in mind that some of dad’s favorite stores may offer a military discount at participating locations. Check out Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and other popular retailers. If you’re really not sure what would make dad the happiest, consider giving him a gift card to these places so he can pick out what he wants. He can still use his military discount at any time, instead of just for the holiday.

Dinner – Take your dad out to eat for some Father’s Day Free Meals, Freebies & Discounts. These special offers and discounts are available at participating restaurants like Firehouse Subs, Hooters, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Your dad will surely enjoy a nice meal with his family.

Request a Gift Box – If your father happens to be deployed, you can also request a free Father’s Day care package, sent on your behalf from Full Circle Home.

Subscription Boxes – Subscription boxes can send a range of products directly to a military dad even ones who are deployed on a monthly basis. Hello Subscription is a great directory with a number of different military and veteran subscription boxes available that include items such as branch-related clothes and tactical gear.

Medals and Awards Display Case – Send your dad a display case to place his military medals and awards to honor his years of service.

Personalized Ammo Box – Ammo boxes are made from military surplus boxes where each case was previously used by the US armed services to carry real ammunition. Ammo boxes can custom printed with any message line plus the name, date, and rank of your choice.

JibJab – You can also create a funny Father’s Day eCard featuring Dad, with JibJab. Use their website to insert pictures of your favorite people, and create funny videos and eCards . It costs $12 per year and there are humorous videos for every holiday, birthday and much more… so this gift can keep on giving.

Organize a Father Son/Daughter Trip – Spending time with your dad can be the best gift of all. Organize a weekend trip, go to a sporting event or a dinner. A weekend with your dad can be a memory that will last forever.

Create a Video or Photo Album – This is easier than ever with the advancements in technology and a custom video of the family is a great (and free) gift for your dad on Father’s Day.

#HappyFathersDay – Reach out to your dad through social media to thank him for all he has done.

Father’s Day Quotes

“If the father’s responsibilities are many, his rewards arc also great—the love, appreciation, and respect of children and spouse. It is the desire to acknowledge publicly these feelings we have for the fathers of our Nation that has inspired the Congress to call for the formal observance of Father’s Day.”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson excerpt from the first presidential proclamation declaring that the third Sunday in June would be Father’s Day.

“Let each American make this Father’s Day an occasion for renewal of the love and gratitude we bear to our fathers, increasing and enduring through all the years.”

-President Richard Nixon excerpt from Nixon’s proclamation that made Father’s Day permanent in 1972.

“From the vantage point of his love and responsibility, a father sees the future and dedicates himself to doing whatever is necessary to bring his family safely through. No father performs any of these tasks with thought of thanks or reward.”

-President Ronald Reagan

“Fatherhood provides one of life’s most profound joys and one of its most solemn responsibilities. Everyone who has been blessed by a father’s love knows the abiding respect it inspires and the self-esteem that can grow from a dad’s affectionate guidance.”

-President Bill Clinton

“Fathers teach their children many basic things in life: how to read a book, throw a ball, tie a necktie, ride a bike, or drive a car. More importantly, they also help instill time-honored values in their children, such as hard work, respect, honesty, and good citizenship. Through their words, actions, and sacrifices, fathers play an important role in shaping the characters of their sons and daughters.”

-President George W. Bush

“Being a dad is one of the most important jobs a man can have, and few things bring as much joy and pride as the blessing of fatherhood. Raising your children is an incredible privilege, but it is also a tremendous responsibility.”

-President Barack Obama

“Throughout life, we draw courage from our father’s firm and loving guidance and example. With the values they instill in us, they encourage us to live a life of virtue and exercise good judgment as we enter into adulthood and have families of our own.” -President Donald Trump

“This is a time for all of us to recognize and show our appreciation to fathers for everything they do in bettering our military, securing our nation, helping to raise and nurture our families, and inspiring future generations of Americans to serve.”

-Former Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta

Father’s Day by The Numbers

  • 72 Million: The estimated number off Fathers across the United States. (United States Census)

  • 29 Million: The number of fathers who are also grandfathers. (United States Census)

  • 24 Million: The number of fathers living in married-couple family groups with children younger than age 18 in 2019. (United States Census)

  • 2 Million: The number of single fathers (without a spouse or partner present) in 2019living with their children under age 18; 18 percent of single parents were men. (United States Census)

  • 191,000: The estimated number of stay-at-home dads in 2019. (United States Census)

  • Roughly 6 in 10 men are fathers. (United States Census)

  • Roughly 1 in 4 men are grandfathers. (United States Census)

  • There are approximately 1.8 million U.S. children with at least one parent in the military (Department of Defense, 2010).

  • 38.8 percent of the total DoD force personnel has children. (2018 Demographics Profile of the Military Community)

  • 32.9 percent of the total DoD force personnel are married with children. (2018 Demographics Profile of the Military Community)

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