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Employee of the Month: Jill Heitzer

Jill Heitzer has been with DVS since September 2017.  She and her husband, Dan, have been together for almost 11 years, have been married for 9 years, and have a little girl, Lauren, who is now in kindergarten. They met online while Dan was stationed in Jonesport, Maine, serving in the US Coast Guard.   In Dan’s 18 years of enlistment, Jill shared they have lived in multiple cities including Long Beach, MS; San Diego, CA; and now in Erie, PA. They will be transferring again next year after being in Erie for almost 4 years.

Jill’s supervisor adds that she brings a lot of energy to their team.  She puts a smile on her face and it comes across in all of her calls.  As a customer service representative, Jill does an admirable job answering callers questions and registering them for appointments.  She embraces new opportunities and has been a great asset in taking calls for multiple states. Jill is an exceptional team player and the DVS team appreciates her great work ethic and the professionalism she displays for our clients.

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