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DVS Employee Showcase - Stephanie Cuevas Muñiz

Stephanie joined DVS in late summer 2017. She attended the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez with a Major in Human Resources & Marketing while working for a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. She obtained her degree and has over 11 years of management experience, the majority in the Service industry.

Stephanie moved to Erie from San Antonio, TX and landed a management position with another call center, but heard of the opportunity at DVS. According to Stephanie, "Taking a job with DVS has been the most fantastic career move in my life. When I started, the company was in its early stages and it has been amazing to see how I have progressed and been promoted as the company has grown. While with DVS I have been able to apply my knowledge, learn and develop new skills. 

The company has invested in helping me grow and develop as an employee.  It’s gratifying how much DVS values the people they hire. It’s the perfect job for me because it challenges me mentally and gives me the opportunity to build relationships with many other DVS employees.  The team atmosphere here is just incredible; everyone is willing to teach one another. Working at DVS has brought a tremendous and positive change in my life. 

DVS values family, education, and career.  During Hurricane Maria my grandma’s house in Puerto Rico was severely damaged and when the electricity came back on, a short circuit caused a fire that destroyed what was left; the DVS team collected money that was used to buy medications, food and other essentials.  Working at DVS has allowed me to find fulfillment in my professional life, take care of my family of 4, spoil my 2 fur babies, purchase a home and enjoy hiking, kayaking and photography in my free time."

It's exciting to see how Stephanie has grown and will continue to develop with the future growth of DVS. We are proud to call her a member of the DVS Family!

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